Frequently asked Questions

How does this service work?

It's pretty simple!  We come to your home on a predetermined day and remove all of the "gifts" your pup has left for you.  The poop is then double bagged and taken away for disposal.  It is NOT left in your trash can.  Disinfectant is used to eliminate the spread of disease as we travel house to house.

What if I'm not home?

Not a problem.  Most of our customers are at work when we arrive for the service.  If you lock your back yard gate, arrangements can be made to provide us with a key (or combo).  If a copy of a key is needed, we can take care of that for you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope.  Give us a call or send us an email requesting service, and we'll come over to meet you and the furry humans. We then can help you pick the right service for you!  You can cancel our service via telephone or email, but we ask for a notice of at least 72 hours in advance. 

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

We are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Independence Day.  If your scheduled service day falls on one of these holidays, service will resume the following day, or one day early.

Do you provide service during inclement weather?

For the most part yes.  Normal rainstorms with light to moderate winds we will work, however, if winds and rain become too strong, we will not. If there is hail or thunderstorms in the area, we will not work for obvious safety reasons.

What precautions does your company make to ensure cleanliness from house to house?

After leaving a customers yard, our technicians will double bag the waste matter and place it into a closed container located on our trucks.  The technicians tools are then wiped clean of all matter, then a special cleaner/disinfectant is sprayed onto the tools killing any disease and bacteria that might be on them.  The tools are then wiped with clean paper towels again, then re-sprayed with the cleaner/disinfectant.  Our shoes are also sprayed clean and disinfected.

Other benefits with our service

Through our repetition in scoopin' the poop, and getting to know your dog, many times we have been able to notice changes in a pet's waste matter.  Occasional changes for short periods are one thing, but on-going changes are immediately reported to pet owners!  Indications of worms or other parasites can also be detected by us as we scoop.

Additional information

While K-9KleanUp does our best to remove all animal waste, there are conditions that make cleaning your yard more difficult and creates the possibility of some missed "lawn mines".  Examples of this is garbage and other debris left where a pet poops.  Overgrown grass and weeds are a major problem as well, making our ability to see the poop difficult.

Why should I pay for this kind of service?  What is the benefit?

Many of our clients are extremely busy people who just run out of time.  They find that they barely have time to do what must be done in the house let alone what needs to be on the lawn or yard.  Some of our clients are folks who simply are not able to clean their yards due to physical limitations.  Other folks simply gag at the thought of picking up their pets waste! 

Waste matter from dogs can be laden with disease, attracts flies, and pollute local water tributaries.  Poop left in yards can create tensions between neighbors, as well as violates local laws.